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Tolima Finca El Mirador Don Victor


Colombia Tolima Finca El Mirador
Colombia Caturra Washed Anaerobic Coffee (12oz)

Roast Type: Light

Country: Colombia
Region: San Agustin, Planadas, Tolima
Varietal: Caturra
Farm: Finca El Mirador
Process: Washed (after anaerobic fermentation in cherry and aerobic fermentation in
Altitude: 1750-1830 M
Grade: Excelso

Notes:  Sweet fragrance and aroma, flavors of cherry and chocolate with lingering
florals and a milk chocolate aftertaste. Medium citrus acidity and a heavy body with a fudgy mouthfeel. Very well balanced and sweet.

Our coffee bags are 100% compostable.
Locally Roasted in Glendale, CA

93pt Score on Coffee Review!

This lot is fermented in cherry in an anaerobic environment for 32 hours before being de-pulped and allowed to ferment again in open air in mucilage before being fully washed and sun-dried for 17 days.

Finca El Mirador was founded by José Elicio Gutiérrez and Luz Elida Avilés in 1972 in the village of San Agustín, within the municipality of Planadas, in the Tolima department of Colombia. The farm spans 10 hectares, of which 7 ha are cultivated with caturra, Colombia and Castillo cultivars as well as some more exotic coffees like gesha and pink bourbon.

In 2010, the son of Jose Elicio and Luz Elida, Victor, began overseeing the operation of the farm, and began renovating the lots and planting exotics. Don Victor also began learning better processing techniques as well as cupping, later earning his Q grader certification.