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Humberto Pecupaque


Humberto Pecupaque
Typica Colombia Submerged Natural Process Coffee (12 oz)

Roast Type: Medium-

Country: Colombia
Farm/Region: Caitania, El Diamanté, Tolima
Varietal: Typica
Process: Submerge Natural
Altitude: 1830-1900 M

Notes: Passion fruit, floral and juicy, apple cider, molasses

Our coffee bags are 100% compostable.
Locally Roasted in Glendale, CA

This coffee was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 24 hours, later placed inside grain pro bags for 90 hours maintaining a temperature below 22 ºC. In this environment, bacteria feed on carbohydrates and sugars from the mucilage leading to a higher concentration of lactic acid. Later placed on raised beds until 11% moisture content is achieved.

This micro-lot is 100% a natural mutation of Typica. Yellow cherries are demonstrated to be sweeter than red cherries and increase textile sensation in the final cup profile.