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200hrs Anaerobic Natural Geisha


Colombia Gesha Microlot
200hrs Anerobic Natural Processed Coffee (8 oz)

Roast Type: Light
Rarity: Micro-Lot

Country: Colombia
Region: Acevedo, Huila
Varietal: Gesha
Farm: Villa Betulia
Farmer/Grower: Luis Anibal Calderon
Process: Natural Process, Fermented 200hrs
Altitude: 1500-1600M

Notes: Floral, cacao nibs, banana, orange.

Our coffee bags are 100% compostable.
Locally Roasted in Glendale, CA


About the coffee:

This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries, exposed to an anerobic environment for 24 hours, and then placed in grainpro bags for 200 hours fermentation, later sundried on raised beds until ideal moisture content was achieved.

This micro-lot is 100% Gesha. This variety was first discovered by Abyssinia, Ethiopia in 1931. Gesha was planted in Panama.