Nicaragua Cold Brew Coffee

SKU: 850044375608
Nicaragua Cold Brew Coffee
Nicaragua Cold Brew Coffee
Nicaragua Cold Brew Coffee

Nicaragua Cold Brew Coffee

SKU: 850044375608
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Nicaragua Los Placeres Cold Brew Coffee
12 Pack Aluminum Can

Roast type: Light+

Note:  Black Cherry, Caramel, Cacao, Hint of Black Spice

Community: Yasica Sur
Department: Matagalpa
Farm Manager: Oscar Guadalupe Ramos
Coffee Area: 169 hectares
Elevation: 840-970 meters
Coffee Varieties: Ethiosar
Process: 48 hours anaerobic Natural
Protected Rainforest: 28 hectares
Certification: Rainforest Alliance


Welcome to the captivating world of coffee crafted by the Mierisch family, a legacy spanning three generations of dedicated producers. Dr. Erwin R. Mierisch, a prominent 3rd generation producer, assumed the mantle of responsibility in the early 1990s, alongside his wife Maria Ligia McEwan de Mierisch and their children, Erwin Jr, Eleane, and Steve, following the resolution of the Nicaraguan Civil War in the 1980s.

This transformative era, marked by the early 1990s, witnessed a shift in operations from traditional coffee to the realm of Specialty Coffee, driven by the Mierisch family's unwavering commitment to excellence—a commitment that laid the groundwork for a new era in coffee production.

Representing the dynamic 4th generation, Erwin Jr, Eleane, and Steve played a pivotal role in propelling not only their coffee but also Nicaraguan coffee onto the global stage. Their active participation in organizing, judging, and contributing to the Cup of Excellence program from the early to mid-2000s provided them with invaluable insights into the meticulous work required to produce high-caliber coffee. This commitment to quality resonates through the generations, defining the essence of the Mierisch family's enduring coffee legacy.

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