EEP (Exact Extract Pouch) x Hiroia (pack of 15 pouches)

EEP (Exact Extract Pouch) x Hiroia (pack of 15 pouches)
EEP (Exact Extract Pouch) x Hiroia (pack of 15 pouches)
EEP (Exact Extract Pouch) x Hiroia (pack of 15 pouches)

EEP (Exact Extract Pouch) x Hiroia (pack of 15 pouches)

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EEP stands for Exact Extract Pouch, crafted with care and precision, each pouch holds the rich flavors of our mindfully roasted beans. Designed for effortless use with your Hikaru smart brewer, our pre-ground coffee ensures a perfect cup every time.The coffee beans are ground with a coffee grinder with micron-level accuracy and sifted afterward to ensure the exact grind size. Embrace convenience without compromising quality, as each pouch is sealed to preserve freshness and flavor. Elevate your coffee ritual with ease – our pre-ground pouches deliver excellence in every sip.

More information of the coffee:

Guatemala Palencia Finca La Pia | Washed

Regent Coffee ofrece envío gratuito cuando compra dos o más bolsas de nuestros granos de café tostados. Esta cortesía de envío no se extiende a la cristalería de ningún tipo. Esto incluye, pero no se limita a: Saint Anthony's Plum Bottom: copa de vidrio de pared doble, decantador de pared doble The Filibuster, decantador de café artesanal Tresco Server y cerveza fría envejecida en barril de bourbon propia de Regent que se presenta en una botella de vidrio bellamente diseñada.

La política de envío está sujeta a cambios a discreción exclusiva de Regent Coffee y en cualquier momento.

  • Coffee Roasting Schedule:
    We will be roasting our premium coffee beans every Monday and Thursday. This means you can expect the freshest coffee on these days, as we dedicate our efforts to bring you the best flavors.

  • Coffee Bean Orders Fulfillment:
    Coffee orders will be dispatched on the following days following our roasting production days (Monday and Thursday).

  • Combined Orders Fulfillment:
    For orders that include both coffee beans and cold brew bottles, they will be fulfilled following our cold brew schedule. This streamlined process ensures that you receive one shipment.

  • Monthly 'Roaster's Choice' Subscription Fulfillment:
    Regent Coffee will ship out within the first week of every month. To qualify for the upcoming month's shipment, orders must be placed before the last week of the month.
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