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Bourbon Barrel Aged Cold Brew Coffee


A non-alcoholic barrel aged coffee designed for sipping. Enjoy in the morning, afternoon, and perhaps the evening. Best served in a rocks glass over ice with an orange peel.

Washed Ethiopia - 375ml Flask
**94 Points by Coffee Review**
Roast: Light
Note: Subtle lasting whiskey note that blends perfectly w/ Ethiopia’s floral and sweet profile to create a balanced cup evocative of an old fashioned.

Kenya - 375ml Flask
**93 Points by Coffee Review**
Roast: Medium
Note: A lingering bourbon tone that melds with a brightness that's most distinct, coupled with a complex array of berries, citrus, and herbs. 

Kenya - 375ml Flask
Roast: Dark
Note: Dark cherries & dark chocolate; a lingering bourbon tone that melds nicely into a chocolate liqueur. Sip with your dessert.

Regent Coffee only sources specialty grade, single-origin coffee from around the world, choosing beans with profiles that perfectly coordinate with whiskey.
Using American oak barrels, we hand seasoned with Kentucky Bourbon to control the strength of the aroma. Next, we age our green beans with consistent attention and care, closely monitoring the desired infusion point. Finally, they are ready for roasting.
Creating coarsely ground goodness in preparation for the immersion cold brewing; our coffee is steeped in cold clear filtered water and refrigerated for a specific interval of time. Lastly, we triple filter to a desired clarity.
Our whiskey profile is not over saturated, giving our cold brew infusion an extra layer of complexity. It is a specialty cold brew coffee taste that is non-alcoholic, yet lingers with whiskey notes that never overpower, creating a fascinating and refreshing drink.
Like our roasted coffee beans, our cold brew is made-to-order in small batches, maintaining quality, consistency, and freshness that our patrons have come to expect.