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    21 products
    Hikaru is the ultimate pinnacle of smart home coffee makers, combining simplicity and ease of use with complete control for the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy the best coffee at home that consistently rivals any pour over coffee bar through Hikaru’s perfectly repeatable brews with precise temperature, flow and turbulence control in an easy to use automated package. Paired with the legendary Hario v60, the technology of our pro commercial brewers is deployed in a simple and beautiful home brewer.
    Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer, Powered by Hario
    Ecolatteart Box & Formula, Eco-friendly Latte Art Practice Liquid
    Ecolatteart: Latte Art Practice Liquid
    Model S & Model T Espresso Tamp
    The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool
    from $154.00
    G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel
    Phoenix70 Pourover Coffee Dripper
    Single Wall Perfect Paper Filters 5-Pack
    F70 Ceramics Flatbottom Pourover Brewer
    Plum Bottom Snifter 3-Pack
    The Bloc Espresso Knock Box + Tamp Station
    from $99.00
    The Statesman Espresso Tamp
    from $179.00
    The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee
    The Shot Collar Espresso Preparation Funnel + Distribution Tool
    Filibuster Dual Wall Beverage Decanter
    F70 Perfect Paper Filters 4-Pack
    Model B Espresso Tamp for Breville
    The Thoroughgood Espresso Tamp
    from $179.00
    Dual Wall Perfect Paper Filters 2-Pack
    Tresco Server 2-Pack
    BT Wedge Espresso Preparation Distribution Tool
    from $154.00
    Saint Anthony Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Cup in Stardust Color
    Saint Anthony Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Cup in Lunar Cream Color
    Atlantis Mug


    Storing our beans in a closed container will ensure they stay fresh-tasting for at least one month. However, even home storage containers can still let in small amounts of air, so it's better to use up these coffee beans quickly, and not leave them sitting around for too long!

    Sealed, at room temperatures, we predict our cold brew coffee will safely last up to two months. The taste may degrade after one month.

    Sealed, at refrigerated temperatures, we predict our cold brew coffee will safely last up to four months. With the taste degrading after two months.

    Ideally, we recommend enjoying our barrel aged cold brew within the first few weeks of receiving your order.

    Regent Coffee roasts beans fresh twice a week, Tuesadays and Fridays. Orders typically ship 48hrs after each of these roasting windows.

    Using American oak barrels, we hand season with Kentucky Bourbon to control the aroma strength.

    Next, we age our green beans with consistent attention and care, closely monitoring the desired infusion point.

    Our whiskey profile is never over saturated, giving our coffee an extra layer of complexity. It is a specialty coffee taste that is non-alcoholic, yet lingers with whiskey notes t0 create a fascinating and refreshing drink.

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