Shipping Policy & Production Schedule

Shipping Policy

Regent Coffee offers free shipping when you purchase two or more bags of our roasted coffee beans. This shipping courtesy does not extend to glassware of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: Saint Anthony's Plum Bottom: Dual Wall Glass Snifter, The Filibuster Dual Wall Decanter, Tresco Server Handcrafted Coffee Decanter, and Regent's own bourbon barrel aged cold brew that's presented in a beautifully designed glass bottle.

Shipping policy is subject to change at Regent Coffee's sole discretion and at any time.

Roasting, Brewing Schedule & Handling Times

Coffee Roasting Schedule:
We will be roasting our premium coffee beans every Monday and Thursday. This means you can expect the freshest coffee on these days, as we dedicate our efforts to bring you the best flavors.

Coffee Bean Orders Fulfillment:
Coffee orders will be dispatched on the following days following our roasting production days (Monday and Thursday).

Coffee Brewing Schedule Updates:

Regent brews and bottles our bourbon barrel-aged cold brew every first week of the month. Stay in the loop and check our brewing schedule updates! By month's end, we will post the upcoming brewing schedule via Instagram. Simply follow us @regentcoffee to receive the latest updates on our coffee beans and cold brew offerings.

Barrel-Aged Cold Brew Coffee Fulfillment:
Bourbon barrel-aged cold brew orders will be dispatched after the first week of the month following our brewing/bottling production days (see above).

Combined Orders Fulfillment:
For orders that include both coffee beans and cold brew bottles, they will be fulfilled following our cold brew schedule. This streamlined process ensures that you receive one shipment.

Monthly 'Roaster's Choice' Subscription Fulfillment:
Regent Coffee will ship out within the first week of every month. To qualify for the upcoming month's shipment, orders must be placed before the last week of the month.