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Sucré Blend | Portable Pour Over Coffee


Sucré Blend Portable Pour Over Coffee Box - 10 Pack

These single-use drip coffee packs give you the ability to have specialty pour-over coffee anywhere you go. Freshly roasted, accurately ground and freshly packaged. Gourmet yet simple.

Sucré is a French word for sugar, sweet. This new blend came from my fascination with the washed Burundi red bourbon, along with a happy coincidence when roasting a Colombian bean differently while I was rotating our single origin espresso. It led to the discovery of a lighter profile for the Colombia that created a milk chocolate note, along with a dynamically fruity profile; extremely tasty for an espresso. After some days of sampling, I wondered what would happen if I added a little sweet tone and aftertaste to make it more balanced. This created our Sucré - a sweet ending espresso blend. An intense starting kick, with a brown sugar and milk chocolaty caramel finish that's left lingering in your mouth.

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