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Blossom Blend | Portable Pour Over Coffee


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Blossom Blend Portable Pour Over Coffee Box - 10 Pack

These single-use drip coffee packs give you the ability to have specialty pour-over coffee anywhere you go. Freshly roasted, accurately ground and freshly packaged. Gourmet yet simple.

This is a very popular espresso that we serve in our coffee house. The idea behind this blend is to combine the floral, fruity, and black tea notes, with a honey sweetness finish. This combines to achieve a rich, golden colored espresso crema, that makes fantastic latte art.

Our Blossom Blend includes two different processed beans from Ethiopian, and a natural processed panama bean from Central America to add more sweetness and a solid body. Best for a unique espresso option in your arsenal. It's fantastic for any drip brew method too.

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