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Plain Black Coffee VS. Lattes and Other Fancy Drinks

Posted by Leon Nie on

First hand, it is important to know that plain black coffee is made via the process of having to mix roasted coffee beans with steaming water and then rinsing out the coffee sediments while on the other hand, Lattes are made with milk which is barely heated up.

People get into drinking plain black coffee as to when compared to lattes and other fancy drinks because;


Getting to buy fresh coffee makes you want to have it all without having to adulterate it with foreign components such as milk and the likes. Many people enjoy plain black coffee as it gives the natural feel and taste like you are directly sipping from the real fruits in the farm. If you do not or have never tasted fresh plain black coffee, then you have no idea what a good coffee drink is.

Taking your pure coffee black allows for the distinct sense of the delicate alteration from varying bean to bean and roasting. You'd be amazed how vast coffee flavors could be. Appreciating coffee for its true form could only be achieved by having it from the taste and feel you get from sipping it plain black.


Plain black coffee is a calorie and sugar-free drink as compared to lattes and other fancy drinks. Plain black coffee is made out of fiber, and it is medically known that frequent consumption of pure black coffee reduces the risk of having type 2 Diabetes. This has been scientifically proven. Good health is a trip to long life and if pure black coffee gives you a healthy advantage, what more could you possibly demand other than the frequent intake of pure black coffee?


Having to sip on pure black coffee gives an energy feel as well as a mental clearance usually way faster as there is the absence of cream or milk which included in the coffee usually absorbs and weakens all of the positive effects one could possibly get from a pure black coffee. Every good gym instructor would advise the consumption of coffee as it is regarded as a performance enhancer as has been confirmed in different research and case studies.


Making a plain black coffee for consumption unlike lattes and other fancy drinks which require cream, milk or sugar contents; plain black coffee requires nothing of such as it only requires the coffee beans mixed with boiling water and afterward rinsed off sediments for a smooth brew. This takes no time unlike having to wait for the coffee to brew before having to include cream or milk which takes a long time of preparation.


Ever wondered what the cheapest coffee at your favorite cafe is? You guessed right, it is the pure black coffee. To stay in great shape and have the best taste of the real drink, you should try to appreciate pure black coffee as it is the natural way it is that it is best served.

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