What is Arabica and Robusta Coffee?

Maybe you just may have come across some coffee bags proudly saying they are 100% Arabica which sounds like a magic word used by magicians but they are not. Arabica refers to the type of coffee species the bag was made from. It is known that there happen to be over a 100 different coffee species, but the two most common species are the Coffee Arabica and the Coffee Robusta.

Let us look at what differentiates both the coffee Arabica species and the coffee robusta species from each other below;

The coffee Arabica contains over 60% of fats and almost twice the sugar content level of Robusta which is maybe why a lot of coffee consumers get to choose the coffee Arabica to that of the coffee Robusta.

Unlike the coffee Arabica, coffee Robusta usually has its taste described as that of a burnt rubber which could be repulsive to the ears same way it's not appealing taste. The Robusta feel could be described as having to sip on grain like substances with a harsh, uncomfortable taste alongside. Coffee Arabica has quite a vast range in taste when talking about variety- from the sharp feel to the soft and sweet feel with their coffee beans unroasted scents compared to berries and other scented fruits.  Coffee arabica would make one of the very best in the quality white coffee bean with all of its nutrient and flavors kept in place.

Coffee Robusta is known to have a thicker concentration of caffeine that the coffee Arabica hence the bad and bitter taste when consuming the coffee Robusta. With 2.7% caffeine which the coffee Robusta has compared to the 1.5%, the coffee Arabica carries.

The coffee green of Robusta actually happens to be ½ the price of the coffee green beans of Arabica.

The coffee Robusta is easily managed on the farm and has a high reap as well as it been lesser sensitive wise in terms of insects. This is because of the coffee Robusta with its high caffeine content is poisonous to bugs and so keeps them off while the Arabica coffee is prone to insect and bugs attack.

The coffee Arabica beans seed are usually oval in shape while the robusta coffee seeds are more in a circular shape with the Arabica growing to almost 4.5 meters when compared to the Robusta which grows to almost 6 meters in height.

It is also known that coffee  Arabica has 75% of the world's coffee cultivation with it grown in the significant regions of Brazil while the remain 25% of coffee bean production is coffee robust which is highly cultivated in the Vietnam regions.

You should also be aware that notwithstanding with the Arabica regarded as been a higher quality while the  Robusta is seen to be the lower quality, this is not always the intent as high-quality coffee robusta tend to have better or as good taste like a lower quality coffee Arabica.