What Is The Third Wave and It's Elements?

What is the third wave of coffee? Every now and again, this question comes along on the web or in coffee cafes with a majority not knowing exactly what is meant. Are there also possible first, second and maybe a fourth wave in coffee? The proper definition of the third wave coffee is quite a complex one as you happen to get different definitions from every other person you come across with many of them not having an idea as to what the third wave in coffee is.

I happen to have spread my tentacles in not just asking around random individuals what the third wave coffee is about but also to certain coffee professionals with the purpose of knowing their very own definition and if possible, in the lay man's term. The answer was simple and plain-"It is not just coffee."

You may ask yourself as to what happened to the first two waves so here is a quick one for you;

In the 60s, the progressive growth of coffee consumption was at its peak, and for the very first time, coffee had a large coverage which signified the first wave.

After some time, the second wave came to be with the increase of the coffee quality that was made available to the public. Could you believe that coffee at a certain time happen to have been a luxury at the time? The coffee supply chain between producers and consumers marked this vital importance.

Knowing what the first and second wave is all about, that brings us to the third wave. The third wave focuses on the appreciation and quality of the coffee. How we consume and portray it in our thoughts matters a lot. In the third wave, there is focus on the coffee products supply chain from the producer - importer - roaster - barista - consumer. Thereby, in summary, the third wave coffee is the joint labor of all.

The elements of the third wave coffee spread across;

  • Direct trade
  • Taste the variety and terroir
  • Sustainability
  • Roast profiles
  • Innovative brewing techniques
  • Pureness

Consuming a specialty coffee well produced with all of its special appeals as provided by the chain of supply, gives rise to the very foundation of an awesome encounter.

One of the key elements of the third wave is to make the consumer feel very exceptional. This could be connected to having proper customer care, but the core part of it all is the tale inside of the coffee cup. The tale is usually a combination of perspectives gathered from the producers, importers, the roasters, and then the baristas while the consumer finally concludes with a unique perspective of the coffee. Be aware that great and quality coffee could be so much labor. Third wave coffee is a term used for the evolving and applauding of the distinct feature of an illustrious coffee with equilibrium in the desired use for the evolvement of certain roast profiles for every single coffee brewed with the aim of underscoring the exceptional flavor, scent and taste in mouth feel.