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Ethiopia Washed Guji Gigesa Barrel Aged Coffee


Barrel Aged
Ethiopia Washed Processed Guji Gigesa (12 oz)

Roast Type: Light

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Shakiso District, Guji Zone
Washing station: Gigesa
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed, Barrel Aged
Altitude: 1800-1950 Meters
Grade: 1

Notes: A subtle and delicate bourbon whiskey note lingers along with a clean floral Ethiopia coffee perfectly to create a strong and balanced cup evocative of an old fashioned.

Gigesa is a small town in the Danbi Uddo Kebele, not far from the town of Shakiso in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. The Gigesa washing station shares the name of the town and collects cherries from 850 coffee growers in the area, each holding approximately 2-5 hectares of farm land, all over 1800 meters above sea level.

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