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Intro to Our Roast Types

Posted by Leon regent on

Beans below:

Green Beans

Green coffee as it arrives at the dock. They can be stored for approximately 12-18 months in a climate controlled environment before the quality loss is noticeable.

Post Dehydration

During the drying phase, the beans are undergoing an endothermic process until their moisture content is evaporated.
Before and ready go into 1st crack
The beans have absorbed enough heat energy, and are continuously expanding. Once expanding going on, the beans are about to take the 1st crack.


FIRST CRACK just beginning. At this stage, only limited types of beans fit this roast type. It presents acidity and agriculture personality.


Ending the FIRST CRACK. Vivid acidity kept with smoothening taste. Yet most agriculture personality could be wiped due to enzyme effects. A common use for most beans.


Beans get wrinkles on the surface. Coffee aroma fades in, to replace its agriculture personality.


In middle of the FIRST CRACK. The acidity is softening while the unsmooth taste been removed. Good for low humidity, thinner beans.


Right before the SECOND CRACK. Stability & conservative roast. Mature acidity and bitterness, present layers of aromatics.


End of the SECOND CRACK. Also comes layers of aromatics yet better for thicker & wetter beans. Surface generates tiny craters and carbonized areas. Better to be removed to avoid charcoal like scent in coffee.


Before ultimate dark, surface generates oil with vivid bitterness and flat scent. A number of crater beans need to be removed. Bitter lovers pursuit this type of roast.


Gone ultimate dark. Bitter, smoke, hollow. Only a few extremely thick beans stand this status. Gone bad with rubber or medicine scent easily.


Totally carbonized. Left only over cooked oil on the surface.
Linear Reference

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