What is So Special About Our Pour-Over Coffee?


Regent Coffee Offers Personal Pour-Over Packs for The Go!

Personal drip coffee, also known as personal pour-over coffee or portable drip coffee provides the best way for coffee lovers to enjoy a freshly brewed specialty coffee at almost anytime and anywhere.

It is an easy way to make a cup of professional-grade coffee, using a good batch of ground coffee, water temperature, and flow control.


The Easy Process:

1. Tear off package along the arrows

2. Pull the hangers and place on cup edge

3. Pour hot water slowly and smoothly

4. Remove filter by hangers and dispose

5. Enjoy!



In advance, you may want to follow these tips:

1. Heat up the cup before using.

2. Use water temp between 185-190°F. (Higher temp provides a stronger and "thicker" taste)

3. Pour 30 mL to "bloom" the ground coffee for 20-30 secs and wait 10 seconds until it "wakes up".

4. Use 170-190 mL water in total.

5. Carefully dip the pouch into cup for 30-60 secs if want a stronger flavor. 

You can find these portable pour-over packs for purchase right here on our site!