Sample Roast of Two Thick Bodied Beans

These two beans have the similar features. Both have thick heavy bodies of taste. We tried different roast types for the first shot. The "High" and the "City". The result is that the Tanzania preferred the 'High" type as the Colombia is better with "City-".
Tanzania Isende FBG
The Tanzania beans fragrance has the taste of sweet caramelized sugar and toasted grain, like sweet caramel popcorn. The wet aroma sees a bolstered sweetness, brown sugar and nutmeg in light roasts. This roast have a finish that rides the line of heavily extracted black tea, inky body, a rich powdered cocoa flavor, and balanced sweetness. 
Colombia Timaná Dos Cafetales
The Colombia beans showed fruit-forward coming out of the grinder, some cane juice sweetness, but a scent of fruit syrup is what's in the foreground. The aroma is potent, loaded with tropical fruit based in brown sugar, a nice fruit paste and cinnamon bread smell on the break.
When hot, the cup hot has a nice mix of raw sugar and faint citrus notes, with a lingering of bittersweet in the finish. City- roasts produce dark fruit jam flavors as well as sees chocolate roast tones creeping in. The acidity is very juicy and prominent in the cup, falling somewhere in-between malic to citric. This is a complex Colombian cup through and through.
In the end
Both are great blends for espresso, but the flavors are not prominent enough to perform as stand alone beans.