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What Is Specialty Coffee?

Posted by Leon Nie on

The Special Coffee Association of America (SCAA) terms specialty coffee to be the uppermost value of coffee beans roasted to its utmost possible flavor carried out by well-trained experts and then professionally brewed to meet with the SCAA advanced requirement. When in the green coffee form, it is seen as a pure unadulterated state without flaws as well as a characteristic which stands out when served in a coffee cup after having to pass the SCAA score of 80 points and above.

The year 2012 has in the record of the production of high traffic in specialty coffee production with its figures set at over nine million tons of green coffee.

Specialty coffee makes reference to coffee which has been graded at 80 points or more using a 100 points scale usually carried out by a trained and licensed professional in coffee tasting or Q Grader. These are coffee types that happen to be at their peak after been grown at the flawless altitude, perfect timing in the year, best of soils and finally harvested just about the right time.

This type of coffee happens to have been in existence dating back to the 1900s although with the phrase-'specialty coffee' been used for the very first time in the 70s written in a journal by the Tea and Coffee Trade just a couple years after the first ever Starbucks coffee shop was established.

The farming of specialty coffee varies around the entire universe with focus countries such as; Kenya, Ethiopia, and Columbia. Asides these top three countries, other countries produce in smaller quantities of specialty coffee such as Panama amongst others which have made a reputable name for itself through having well trained and professional farmers with all appreciation going to its portable country size as well as the support of the two surrounding seas. These coffee farming areas are known to be well trained in making sure to groom their coffee products to the prime of life with a dexterity that cannot be found in any other parts of the world.

As at 1999, the average consumption of specialty coffee in the United States was set at 9% and give or take a few years later, in 2014, the consumption rate had risen to 34%. This shows a vast spread of specialty coffee in the United States via various companies. In the United Kingdom, a 13% yearly increase which is 3% higher than the 10% prediction of the coffee market system in whole was projected by a report from Allegra. Allegra also anticipated the double up of the present 1,400 specialty coffee cafes by the year 2020 with an annual progression rate set at 17% of the United Kingdom specialty coffee consumption market.

It is also important to know that compared to the regular (could be termed as bad coffee) coffee consumption, specialty coffee is in more ways better for you as an individual health wise than just having a distinct positive taste as well as natural feel.

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