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Why Hand Sorted Beans Make A Difference

Posted by Leon regent on

Hand Sorted Beans Make A Difference

Hand sorting is very important to us here at Regent. Having a defective coffee bean is like eating a handful of peanuts and realizing there was a burnt one in that bunch. One bean can ruin the overall taste of your cup.


Beans are seeds of a plant fruit. The only way to give you a perfect cup is by picking out all the defective beans by hand. Below are photos of good, and not so good, beans.


The pest bit beans


The smashed beans. These beans will turn into carbon very soon and give very bitter flavor.

The black spot beans also the spot can turn into carbon sooner than other beans and is the bitterness resource.


The moldy beans. Gross ! 

 The brown bean also considered moldy beans.


White beans, sometimes growing abnormally.


 The green silver skin beans. Most probably under ripe, which affects the acidity of the beans.

 These are the defective beans of one month.

Overall, the process that a cup of delicious specialty coffee endures from crop to cup, is very worthy of awe. It's a sacramental trip and we're thankful to all those that participate in it.

I Hope you guys enjoyed this blog as much as I did! comment below new blog ideas you would like to learn!


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