Ecolatteart: Latte Art Practice Liquid

SKU: 850044375905
Ecolatteart Box & Formula, Eco-friendly Latte Art Practice Liquid
Ecolatteart: Latte Art Practice Liquid
Ecolatteart: Latte Art Practice Liquid

Ecolatteart: Latte Art Practice Liquid

SKU: 850044375905
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Regent Coffee is thrilled to introduce a product set to revolutionize the world of coffee-making. An innovative liquid technology - the solution to reducing milk waste and enabling you to practice creating the perfect latte art.

With just two drops of Ecolatteart's magical liquid and eight ouches of water, you can whip up a luscious milk-like foam that is perfect for practicing your latte art technique. A non-drinkable foam that's been crafted using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every attempt is nothing short of perfection.

Ecolatteart not only elevates your coffee game but also promotes sustainability. By reducing milk waste, our liquid technology is doing its part to help preserve our planet.

It's is easy to use and compatible with all types of coffee makers, making it accessible to coffee lovers everywhere. All the technical details have been taken care of, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy perfecting your latte experience.

We believe that the experience of making a latte should be just as enjoyable as drinking it, with this practice solution, you're ensuring just that.

Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable coffee-making future. With our liquid technology, you can easily learn to perfect your latte art, while doing your part for the planet. Try today!

Recommended Practice Recipe (not for drinking)

Add 6-8 oz of icy water (we find it works better with some ice), then add Ecolatteart liquid, then steam to 122F - 131F for the best results.

  • 1 pump = 0.2 grams.
  • 10 oz. cup, 8 oz. of equivalent milk, roughly 3-4 pumps.
  • 6.5 oz. cup, 6 oz. of equivalent milk, roughly 2-3 pumps.

One bottle of Ecolatteart is equivalent to using more than 5 gallons of milk.

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