What is Coffee Roasting?



Coffee roasting could be said to be the technique where raw coffee green beans are crafted into the very finest specialty coffee that you could possibly imagine. This is usually a complex process but one that implements quality to the taste of coffee for your consumption. The SCAA also states in their guidelines that having your coffee beans get roasted too fast at a very high temperature could burn the outer part of the coffee bean while roasting quite slow at a lower temperature would drain the entire coffee beans flavor. For a perfect roasting, one must have a perfect knowledge as well as the proper condition to be able to produce a luxurious cup of the all-time specialty coffee drink.

When roasting coffee beans, there are certain steps required that you follow to be able to make a specialty coffee as a result and these steps are;

CYCLE DRYING: This is the very first step to coffee beans roasting. The temperature from the heat of the coffee beans starts to change the color of the beans from green to a dull yellow.

THE FIRST CRACK: Cracking of the coffee beans starts which indicates the roasting process is in motion.

INITIATING ROAST: The coffee beans begin to change color to brown bringing to reality certain features we coffee consumers have come about to love.

BRIEF HALT: At this step, the art of coffee beans roasting manifests as the roaster gets to determine the certain count in time as to when you need to come to a brief halt and into the second crack.

SECOND CRACK: This phase sees the carbonizing of the coffee beans which creates the burnt feature of the roast.

ROAST IS DONE: Cool air is then introduced which helps bring roasting to an abrupt end to provide roast results perfectly.


The act of coffee brewing is the major key towards a perfect cup of coffee for even the best of qualities of coffee beans can be flawed at this phase. Coffee brewing requires technique to still have in check that all efforts from the production of the coffee beans were not in vain. When brewing a cup of coffee, there are certain steps to consider to making a perfect drink, and they are;

  • Amount of water to be used: Best option is the usage of tap or spring water as any other type of water with maybe a feel of chlorine content could ruin your coffee taste. The ideal ratio of water to coffee is 1.5% of coffee to 99% water.
  • Coffee beans grind for brewing: To be sure to have fresh coffee, it is advisable to purchase it whole and then grind by yourself every now and then before you brew to allow the coffee beans retain its freshness.
  • Choosing a brewing technique: There are quite some brewing techniques to pick from such as; Percolation, immersion, and Drip Filtration.